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NURS 397: International Comparison of Nursing Education and Clinical Care

ยป School of Nursing

The basics

University of Cordoba Spain

NURS 397 is a summer study abroad course, created in partnership with the University of Cordoba in Spain's Andalusia region, for students in the School of Nursing. It is a three-week course, offered once per year, designed to provide international education opportunities for nursing students, an area where study abroad activities can be scarse at best.

Students in this course take a close look at the health care systems in both the United States and Spain. By immersing themselves with nursing students and professionals in Spain, students are able to compare and contrast the nursing education systems and student experiences in both countries.

As part of the exchange program, the University of Cordoba also sends students to have a similar immersive experence here at VCU.


In addition to the VCU Global Education Office, the School of Nursing also partners with Spain's University of Cordoba, where students immerse themselves with Spanish nurses and nursing students.

What makes NURS 397 stand out

Originally started back in 2011, NURS 397 provides a one of a kind opportunity, enabling students to see the daily life of a nurse in a totally different culture and health system. In addition to the cultural richness this provides, there is no better way to learn than to sit side-by-side with someone to see what they do day-to-day, and the different challenges and opportunities that they have.

NURS 397 also provides students with perspective about the United States's own health care system. Hearing an outside perspective on how this country's health care and education systems are run, as well as seeing how other countries operate these same systems, allows students to think critically and creatively about the processes overall.


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