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Model REAL syllabi

Students work on a projectLooking for a blueprint to help with your course's REAL classification process? See the syllabi below for examples!

  • ARTH 490: Senior Seminar, Level 4
    This is a well-organized course and represents the kinds of learning opportunities to develop real world skills needed to either further academic pursuits or for working in a professional field. The REAL components for reflective, mentored, and integrative learning are thoroughly explained.
  • DENH 457: Clinical Service Learning, Level 4
    This is an excellent example of a top-tier REAL experience for undergraduates, bringing together all the components and offering a fantastic reflective, mentored, and integrative learning opportunity.
  • BIOL 425: Field Botany, Level 3
    In this course students work in teams in the field (literally!) to identify and study plant botany and includes thoughtful descriptions of how reflection and mentoring are applied both individually and at the group level.
  • MKTG 485: Internship in Selling, Level 2
    This REAL example details the types of reflection assignments woven throughout the course, including fieldwork and align with the stated learning outcomes of the course.
  • INTL 220 Nature, Culture, Justice, Level 2
    The REAL model includes good examples of different types of reflective learning assignments and engaging hands-on learning that connect disciplinary knowledge in a real-world or simulated context.
  • SETI 423: Medical Interpretation, Level 2
    This is a very well-developed syllabus with a clearly defined reflective component that is completed on a weekly basis, allowing students to obtain regular feedback.