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For faculty and staff

At its core, REAL is about connections — a central thread that connects all the academics, community service, creative projects, and other activities you do on campus.

Get your course classified as REAL

The application for getting your course classified as a REAL course is now online. You must apply and have your level approved by the REAL Curriculum Committee before your course can be officially assigned a REAL classification.

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Connect. Create. Contribute

While experiential learning at VCU may occur in many places and take many forms, all REAL activities are anchored by one consistent vision: the REAL 3Cs.

REAL experiences:

  • Connect students to people, ideas, and resources that will help them find their path to meaning-filled lives and careers
  • Creates opportunities for students to grapple with complex problems in cooperation with faculty and community members
  • Contribute to the public good by recognizing and acting on our shared responsibility to wider society – locally, nationally, and globally

These 3Cs are the outcomes that REAL activities embody.