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REAL Curriculum Committee

The REAL Curriculum Committee is responsible for issues that affect REAL curricular and co-curricular opportunities at VCU, including REAL classification. The REAL Curriculum Committee meets at least monthly during the academic year; reviews proposals for new REAL courses, curricula and opportunities; and approves the REAL classification of academic and co-curricular programs.

The REAL Curriculum Committee:

  • Works to ensure alignment among experiential learning opportunities across the university
  • Generates recommendations on strategy and refinement of the curricular and co-curricular dimensions of REAL such that they remain consonant with the VCU mission
  • Informs data collection and metrics to be used for measuring experiential learning across the university
  • Recommends modifications of REAL designation criteria and processes in response to ongoing assessment of student learning and programmatic outcomes

Composition and criteria for membership

REAL Curriculum Committee members are selected from membership of the REAL Council. The REAL Curriculum Committee is composed of at least 6 standing members, at least 75% of whom should have faculty status. All committee members will meet the UUCC criteria for membership.

Ad-hoc committee members from content experts will be appointed at the discretion of the committee chairs.

REAL Curriculum Committee members serve two-year renewable terms.

Classification process and operational rules

  • Each course or co-curricular experience will be assigned to two committee members who will review and level the proposal. If additional information is needed the committee members will contact the person who made the submission for further clarification.
  • Courses and experiences at level 4 undergo a higher level of scrutiny with two primary reviewers and two secondary reviewers for each of these proposals.
  • Each proposal will be voted on by the committee
  • A vote will be initiated if the committee has quorum representation (50% plus 1)
  • A simple majority vote will be used
  • We adopt Robert's Rules of Order as needed

REAL Curriculum Committee meeting schedule

The REAL curriculum submission portal will remain open to receive applications during the summer of 2022. The dates below reflect Fall 2022 the review cycles for course changes to appear in the Fall 2023 Bulletin. We remind all applicants that once the RCC has approved your course changes, the course must then move through the full CIM review process.

Deadline for submissions to reach RCC step in CIM workflowRCC decision by:RCC meeting time and location
Aug. 22, 2022 Sept. 9, 2022 TBD
Sept. 12, 2022 Sept. 30, 2022 TBD
Sept. 26, 2022 Oct. 14, 2022 TBD
Oct. 10, 2022 Oct. 28, 2022 TBD
Oct. 24, 2022 Nov. 11, 2022 TBD
Nov. 14, 2022 Dec. 2, 2022 TBD
Nov. 28, 2022 (if needed) Dec. 16, 2022 TBD